Fancy your favorite lipstick with this classic collection

Different color variation of necklaces made of cut or pressed glass pearls

Pressed or cut glass pearls from Jablonec nad Nisou. The size of the pearls is 18 mm / 20 mm. The weight of the necklace is approx. 110 g. The diameter is 50 - 55 cm. The components do not contain nickel. Seed beads come from Preciosa. Switching on the carabiner. The components are made of common, costume jewelry, the most common silver jewelery. The package is in a gray, gift box with a transparent window.


Romantic collection

The jewelery is made of one half made of wire embroidered with small roccailes beads


The original piece will adorn the wrist

The bracelet has a single bead in the middle, it can be matched with a similar necklace

Glass beads are from Jablonec nad Nisou.  Each bracelet is provided with an extension chain of approx. 5 cm. The metal components are made of a regular carabine switching


Balls, beaks, beads

You will get this add-on separately in the set

Finished with a mechanical steel earring


Simpler version of the jewelery on a coated rubber band

Pendants with one, large bead in the middle and on both sides of the wire component

Available in a square, gift box


For every occasion

They will unleash your individuality on the occasion of the entire working week

The large set consists of necklace, bracelet and earrings


You can always remember your big day

The set is also suitable for casual wear, knowing only you yourself

Silver wire with five crystal, spiral-cut beads in the middle. The bracelet is only with one broom bead in the middle. Earrings made of wounded wires

an event that leaves us with a unique memory

Let me remember that she could be even more beautiful


Coiling gizmo components