We encourage women to make them her own and to project their own style on everyday basics.


Bring different talents to this endeavor to create something much better than either of us could do alone.


Creating is fun, jewelry make us to express out creative self.


We think about how to turn things into a business... .

Drawing influence directly from traditional jewelry style which inspires us while creating our own modern interpretation.

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 A woman's nature is different from a man's.
A woman's nature is different from a man's.

When a woman starts earning money for money, she degrades. It acquires masculine qualities and loses lightness, femininity and joy of life. And this is the worst thing for a woman!

A woman who does her favorite activity for the pleasure of the soul is filled with energy and only blooms because it brings her joy.

When a woman is happy, protected, calm, she is like a powerful power plant full of energy, and men and children are filled with this energy from her.

just relax!
just relax!

A woman can do what she loves, earn money, but for the process itself, not for the end result.

Stress, high psychological pressure, control, makes a woman tense and leads to exhaustion, diseases and rapid aging.

Nature´s color palettes of everyday life reflect to our innerself. 

Time to do it now!
Time to do it now!

Inspiration comes by enviromental that surrounds us from our childhood to the present days. 

A woman must become a real woman, love and value herself, treat herself with dignity and respect and respect others, because everything around her is reflected in the mirror of the world.

It's a law of the creative universe.

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"your own creation"

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How to connect the technique of self-development and fine art?

 Did you know that by using the basic principles of creative activity you will gain self-confidence in other areas of your life?

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Lindava Glassworks 

Since 2014 In cooperation with Sklářská Krčma Ajeto in Lindava, I run beading workshops for children and families or for a company bussines event in the season from April to September.

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