A N N A   M I K E Š O V Á

Take your favorite outfit and liven it up with a piece that makes it new and exciting again. 

Anna Mikešová specializes in the creation of custom pieces, specifically in the production of bracelets according to your specifications. Inspiration can be a piece from your wardrobe, a favorite accesory or an outfit. 

custom jewelry on request

A spirited and non- traditional take on jewellery which does not compromise on quality and remains accessible to people of all ages.

Atelier Minart the glass jewelry brand based in Nový Bor is certified by a regional label Lužické hory a Máchův kraj

Color and shape play an important role in the jewelry design, while the materials and construction of each piece boast the perfect balance of beauty and functionality.

For the modern, fashionable, timeless woman.

Minart 's jewelry collections are designed to provide company to a woman from her day to evening and from flowery boho chic to minimalistic contemporary design. 


I check your website often. There is so much interesting stuff…..sometime I have to see it all!!! Keychains, carabiners as backpack decorations,

dragonflies, pins with decorations for Christmas…. oh my god oh my god!!!!

Renda N.  Praque

First of all, thank you very much for the gift you sent to my daughter - a bracelet with a crafting box, it's amazing....she's already threading it on and the bracelet is beautiful, delicate, as if it as made just for her.

customer from e-shop

logo glass beads-link bracelet

The bracelet contain one central bead with brandig and complement the rest with classic beads.

The logo bracelet can be used as a special invitation for your long term customers.

Leave the design up to me, I'm sure I understand it better. 

As for numbers, let's count up to 500 bracelets for max now.

Would you like to make some samples and pricing?